Official 4-Hour

Tuscaloosa County


$35 (includes emailed certificate upon completion)

What do I need?

Follow these steps

  1. Prior to taking this course, you must have received authorization through the Online Traffic Resolution (OTR) process, the Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s Office, or the Tuscaloosa County District Court.
  2. Navigate to www.drivesafetuscaloosacounty.com (you are here now)
  3. Click ‘new user’
  4. Enter all required information.
  5. Pay $30 for course.
  6. Complete 4-hour course and receive certificate.
  7. If you were authorized to resolve this case by defensive driving through OTR, return to that site (www.resolve.alacourt.gov) to upload your certificate and pay court costs.  Otherwise, follow the instructions you were given in court.
  8. If you do not complete the course and pay your costs by the date given by the court, an extension is not available. Once the deadline has passed, you must plead guilty and pay your ticket.  Payment may be made online at www.alapay.com.